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Toilet Overflow in Lavonia, GA

This home owner came home to a water damage in the basement caused by the hot water heater. When SERVPRO was on site, we able to assess the water dama... READ MORE

Water Damage in Martin, GA

When this home owner discovered the hot water heater valve had broken causing a water damage throughout the basement she called SERVPRO to repair the ... READ MORE

Water Damage in Clayton

This water damage happened when the water faucet was left on at the sink all night long. The home owner woke up to a flood in her home affecting the main level ... READ MORE

Septic in Toccoa

This septic back caused damage to this partially finished basement. the home owner called her insurance company and after speaking to her adjuster they decided ... READ MORE

Damage due to Freeze in Toccoa

This secondary home was affected by the freeze in the beginning of the year. The home owner came by to check on the home and found the doors swollen shut d... READ MORE

Toilet Overflow in Lavonia, GA

This basement had a toilet overflow that caused some damage to their home. The homeowner came home late noticed a funny smell. The next morning and th... READ MORE

Water Damage due to AC leak

This home owner in Carnesville, Georgia experienced a water damage due to an AC leak. Once the Insurance Adjuster was onsite, he determined it there was a need ... READ MORE

Water Damage in Basement

This home owner in Elberton, Georgia discovered another water damage in his basement after coming home from vacation. This being the second time he has experien... READ MORE

Water Damage from Hot Water Heater

This homeowner came home to find a hot water heater that busted in their finished basement. After the homeowner called SERVPRO they were able to call their loca... READ MORE

Water Damage

This homeowner has experienced a water line that busted. The home has had almost the entire square footage affected. When SERVPRO was called we were out the ons... READ MORE